“Terminate Secure Communities”
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I was amused by the fact that illegal alien protesters mentioned by Brenda below were wearing signs that said “Terminate Secure Communities”.

Oh, you want to terminate secure communities, do you? What about people who kind of like their communities secure?

As for the illegal alien who is also an illegal ice cream seller–no permit, no health inspection, she’s complaining that

“Every day I live the nightmare of this program,” said Blanca Perez, 38, who said she was arrested in February for street vending without a permit. “Now I am facing deportation for the simple act of selling ice cream in the street.”[Immigrants plead for end to fingerprint sharing, Associated Press, August 17, 2011]

Well, no, you’re being deported for being illegally in the United States, after you were arrested for selling ice cream illegally without a permit. And I would feel a lot happier about her selling ice cream without a permit or health inspection if I were confident that she understood (and believed) the Germ Theory of Disease.

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