"Teens" At It Again—This Time It’s a Movie-Theater Brawl
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HOLD the CAMERA *SIDEWAYS*I didn’t need to see the video to know who started this brawl at a movie theater. For two reasons.

First, you don’t generally see white kids starting riots after a movie. Second, as usual, the text report, like this one at Mediaite, avoided all mention of race.

A massive brawl broke out at a movie theater in Tennessee over the weekend. Most of the participants were girls–and it apparently all stemmed from an argument over a boy. Cell phone footage of the melee almost immediately went viral, quickly garnering in excess of 100,000 views across various social media platforms.

The brawl occurred after a showing of “Insidious: The Last Key,” the Bartlett Police Department said, according to Fox 13 Memphis. Cops claimed multiple teenagers started hanging out in the lobby after the film let out, prompting staff to ask them to leave. The teens refused.

Things deteriorated from there.

Some staff told the local Fox affiliate that the teenage patrons began shouting at them. The head of security at the theater claimed his team had to use pepper spray on the violent participants. The man who shot the now-viral footage claimed the various bouts of female-heavy fisticuffs began because of just one boy, but he apparently didn’t elaborate further.

Very little of the above information can be verified, however, as the Bartlett Police Department has so far failed to charge any of the alleged brawlers or even identify a single victim.

Another day, another group of “teens” gone wild.

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