Teddy Roosevelt's Statue Defaced. Who Else Is on the List?
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From the New York Times:
Protesters Deface Roosevelt Statue Outside Natural History Museum


Protesters splattered red liquid onto the base of the bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, and later published a statement on the internet calling for its removal as an emblem of “patriarchy, white supremacy and settler-colonialism.” …

City workers using a power washer, a sponge and soapy water later began cleaning the statue, the latest focus of debate over statues or monuments around the country that celebrate figures like Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus. In Pittsburgh this week, the city’s arts commission recommended the removal of a statue of Stephen Foster, the composer.

You need to stop and ask yourself: Do I hate Stephen Foster sufficiently? I mean, children eat S’mores while singing Stephen Foster songs around the campfire, and that all sounds pretty racist.

On a broader note, I was trying to make up a list of guys whose statues wouldn’t get torn down and I came up with … Einstein.

But now I’m thinking that Einstein is doomed for his make-me-a-sandwich sexism toward his physicist first wife: he didn’t think she was as talented of a physicist as he was. (Feminists and Serbs know better.)

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