Teddy Kennedy's Irish Sweepstakes: Why Admit People By Lottery
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Steve Sailer has a post on his own blog that asks why is there a diversity lottery?

"If we're going to let in 50,000 people per year (plus, eventually, their relatives and in-laws), couldn't we at least try to start with letting in the best 50,000, with "best" being defined as those most likely to benefit "ourselves and our posterity" (to quote the Preamble to the Constitution.)
Why do we have to have a lottery? Teddy went to Harvard (for awhile). Does Harvard let people in by lottery? Why is a lottery good enough for the United States of America, but not good enough for Harvard?"[Teddy Kennedy's Irish Sweepstakes]

The only answer I can figure out is that it's intended to provide access to American citizenship for those who really don't deserve it. Think about that when you're thinking about the Kennedy Legacy.

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