Teacher Unions, Immigration: The Role Of Bad Cops
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Amused to see today Unions On The Run, by Peter Meyer (email him), a fellow of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute:

The ”incestuous alliance” between public employee unions and their employers, as the Times characterizes it, is not much news for many reformers (see this comprehensive index in Education Next or just about anything Terry Moe has written). And you don’t have to be a Peter Brimelow, author of The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions are Destroying American Education — who called teacher union leaders ”commissars of [an] American Red Army” and accused the NEA of ”metastasiz[ing] into the National Extortion Association” — to know there’s something wrong here.

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Wow, did I say that? S-U-R-E I did!

(And Worm in the Apple is STILL AVAILABLE here.)

What this goes to is the role of Bad Cops in public debate. I admit I am temperamentally inclined to say things forcefully—partly because I have never been able to work full-time in political journalism, and don't have the luxury of messing around. But I do give cover for Good Cops like Meyer (as also the ever-triangulating Mark Krikorian of CIS).

No doubt we will all get credit from the Great Editor In The Sky.

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