Tariq Nasheed: "White Supremacist" Ricardo Gomez Terrorizes Black Family
August 10, 2018, 10:41 AM
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Who is this blue checkmark Tariq Nasheed anyway?

Is he a phony account being paid to generate content for Tucker Carlson et al? Will I be getting a bill for my share of his services? I could see chipping in $5 a month, but he’s a little lowbrow of a target for my tastes. With The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Vox all working overtime to produce prime iSteve content, I really don’t need to expand my range to dimmer bulb Establishmentarians.

Update: iSteve commenter Black Girl Magic explains in the comments that Nasheed is a wealthy entrepreneur who has worked very hard for decades to develop his personal brand in his books on The Art of Mackin’ as the leading expert on how to pursue a career in pimping. Lately he has gotten into making Afrocentrist documentaries called Hidden Colors about how ancient blacks were everywhere and did everything.

I apologize for calling him an Establishmentarian. He sounds like a creative businessman, reminiscent of Alex Jones, but likely even more self-made.

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