Tamar Jacoby Says We Have To Think About How Immigration Is Changing America
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One of Lawrence Auster's readers was at a Smith Foundation debate on immigration, which featured Tamar Jacoby as the speaker for the pro-immigration side:
Later, during the Q&A, a gentlemen who attends American Renaissance conferences made the point that America is more than just a piggy bank and that the cultural aspects of immigration are being ignored. He stated that we are now receiving more immigrants from Mexico than from all of Europe, which was the foundation of our population, and that as a consequence whites will become a minority by the middle of the century.

It was Tamar Jacoby who first responded. She said, yes, this is the Pat Buchanan argument again and that we have to think about the implications of this question as a nation.Unbelievable: Tamar Jacoby says we need to discuss how immigration is changing our character as a people

This is important if true, but please remember that this is the same Tamar Jacoby who said, in a speech in Brussels, [PDF] that "The point about the American national identity is that it’s minimal."
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