Tamar Jacoby Loses A Debate
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According to Scott Johnson of Powerline, our old friend Tamar Jacoby has been having a hard time:

One of the highlights of the Claremont Institute summer policy conference this past weekend was the debate on immigration policy between Manhattan Institute fellow Tamar Jacoby and Claremont Institute fellow Professor Edward Erler. Jacoby endorses some version of a guest worker program such as President Bush threatens to propose in order to resolve our current immigration crisis. Professor Erler volubly dissented. Jacoby stomped off after the debate, refusing to shake Erler's hand; I thought she'd more or less had her head handed to her.Power Line: Bordering on an argument

While we sympathize, we can tell her from experience that she would have much better luck in debates over the immigration crisis if she were arguing the other side.

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