Taliban Fail To Think Globally
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“OK, I admit, I dunno where Afghanistan is on the map. But one thing I do know, like my favorite movie said: ‘We live here.’ You may have all the maps, but we have all the land.”

Then again, for all I know, this whole video could be some guy dressing up in his Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves Halloween costume and faking it.

The concept of a map, much less of a globe, took a long time to catch on in world history. Even Roman generals, who were really good at their jobs, apparently didn’t have maps. People thought more in terms of itineraries back then, like GPS instructions now.

I recall a mid-1990s meeting at work to create our firm’s first home page on the World Wide Web:

Woman: “To help visitors get to our office, let’s have street instructions like ‘Turn right on Lake Street then left on Clinton.'”

Man: “Let’s have a map instead.”

Woman: “Does anybody really look at maps?”

[General tumult]

Me: “You know, on the WWW, we have room for both.”

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