TakiMag's John Derbyshire On Salon's Alex Pareene—The Face Of Censorship
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John Derbyshire's recent Takimag column eviscerating Salon's Alex Pareene, for his obscene echo-chambering of the various cultural Marxist pre-emptive strikes on the CPAC ProEnglish breakout session at which Derbyshire and I both appeared, is a polemical model. It begins:

Call me naïve, but the left’s coarse brutishness still shocks me. The only thing that shocks me more is the right’s suicidal cowardice.
Of course, it's all part of the current intensified crackdown on any expression of the Right Opposition dissent, above all on topics like immigration, which has subsequently claimed Pat Buchanan.

Much of the Takimag comment thread is taken up with rude speculation about Pareene's rather depressing appearance:


Pareenes Rather Depressing Appearance

Indeed, I've always thought there is a sort of modal Leftoid face. Sitting at the podium, Derbyshire and I amused ourselves by picking them out in the audience. But we have to ask: is it nature or nurture?

Ask Alex Pareene.

Derbyshire's speech and my own, which Pareene of course did not report, are here and here)

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