Tactics of Intolerance:Radicals Attempt to Disrupt Social Contract-Sponsored Press Conference
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A week before our nation’s capitol braces for what public officials fear could be overcrowded throngs of attendees at Barack Obama’s inauguration (some Metro stops on Washington, D.C.’s subway are reported to be designated “exit only” stops to accommodate overflow crowds), the Social Contract released a timely 83-page report by researcher and VDARE.com contributor Edwin Rubenstein on immigration and infrastructure at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 2009.

The well-attended event—which featured Rubenstein, moderator Dr. Wayne Lutton, editor of the Social Contract, and Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling District representative of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors—included members of the press, concerned citizens, activists and leaders in the immigration-reform community, and at least two Marxist radicals intent on disrupting the event.

Midway through the press conference an attendee on the front row stood up and passed out flyers smearing the Social Contract, its editor Dr. Lutton, publisher John Tanton, and Rubenstein, author of The Twin Crises study.

During the question and answer session, a man wearing a stretch-over knitted cap with a Chicago Cubs insignia barged into the back of the room carrying heart-shaped red balloons (with the source listed on the balloons as the fringe open-borders group Imagine2050) with a white-icing sheet cake that read: “Congratulations Social Contract Press on another racist report! Your white nationalist friends must be very proud!” The red balloons contained white lettering, “Social Contract Press loves bigotry—www.youtube.com/IMAG2050“.

Both were promptly escorted from the press conference. The “delivery man” who entered the conference room refused to say, when pressed, which delivery company he was employed with but noted that he was “just doing what he was paid to do” Security cameras captured the individual as security officials at the National Press Club ushered him from the building.

Maoist and Trotskite activists associated with militant groups, such as the Progressive Labor Party, have a well-established history of disrupting civic meetings they oppose and this was clearly no exception.

Fortunately a few alert attendees at the back of the room promptly showed these intolerant militants the door. Their presence was a minor distraction of an otherwise highly successful press conference on a most timely topic: the impact of immigration and population growth on nation’s crumbling infrastructure.


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