System Working as Planned Under Leftist President; Welfare Use Soars, Inequality Grows
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The central fact of our political system is that our leaders have no interest in actually solving any of our problems.  Instead, they actively benefit from social dysfunction and strive to import new sources of discontent.

Thus, increased welfare usage isn't a problem — it's the System working as planned.  After all, our government goes out of its way to enroll foreigners in our welfare programs at Mexican Consulates.

Thus, the Washington Times starts this article with a misleading statement —

As Barack Obama enters the twilight of his presidency, he presides over an America vastly different from the one he envisioned building during his 2008 campaign that promised to empower everyday Americans on Main Street over wealthy bankers and investors on Wall Street.

[Obama economy: Welfare dependency peaks during Obama presidency as rich get richer, by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, January 4, 2015]

Nonsense.  This is precisely what he had in mind.  After all, the wealthy are the ones donating to the Democrats.  [Editorial: Money buys elections? Democrats outraise GOP, get shellacked, Las Vegas Review-Journal, January 3, 2015]  And each one of those dependent voters, after being carefully taught he or she is a victim, is a lifetime voter for big government.
Six years into his agenda, Wall Street is roaring higher than ever, with the Dow topping out over 18,000 for the first time recently and the top 10 percent of wealthy Americans amassing wealth at a double-digit pace.

But on Main Street large numbers of Americans have dropped from the job market, middle-class wages are stagnant, and even larger numbers of Americans are now dependent on some form of government subsidy for disability, jobless benefits or food stamps.

Even data from the president’s signature legislative accomplishment provides warning signs about the health of Main Street: More than four out of five Americans who got new health insurance under Obamacare did so with a government subsidy.

Experts say forces in the macroeconomy, coupled with Mr. Obama’s aggressive regulatory agenda, have left the promise of a more robust Main Street in shambles...

The percent of Americans in the workforce — either working or seeking work — remained steady, at around 66 percent during the Bush presidency. But under Mr. Obama it has plummeted from 65.7 percent the month he took office in January 2009 to just 62.8 percent in November. That translates to more than 7 million fewer workers in the workforce. That drop is artificially lowering the unemployment rate, some economists argue.

Part of the frustration for working-class Americans is their plight has worsened — with lower income and stock investments — while the wealthy’s opportunity has improved.

A 2013 Pew Research study of U.S. Census Bureau data found simply that the rich got richer and the poor got poorer during the Obama economic recovery.

What's the missing word in all of this analysis?  You guessed it.  "Immigration."



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