Syria: Muslims Demand Jizya ("Infidel Tax") of Christians
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Ever wonder how Muslims took over so much territory with their unpleasant totalitarian political system disguised by a cloak of religion? One major tactic: they make the lives of religious minorities completely miserable with second-class status and constant intimidation to the point where people give up and convert. If Christians or Jews don’t submit to the Islamic jackboot, they can keep their religion by paying a “tax”, a form of extortion called jizya, to keep their religion, although with extreme restrictions.

Syria is 90 percent Muslim, which puts non-Allah worshippers at a bad disadvantage, particularly with amphetamine-crazed jihadists running around with the Koran, automatic weapons and a supremacist attitude.

Islam is completely incompatible with western beliefs in freedom, and we shouldn’t be admitting Muslims as immigrants.

Radical Muslims Force ‘Protection’ Tax on Christians, CBN, March 3, 2014

Radical Islamist rebels in the Syrian city of Raqqa are forcing Christians to pay for protection.

Christians must pay over $600 twice a year for the protection, convert to Islam, or “face the sword,” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria said in a statement posted online.

The statement referred to the “dhimmi pact,” an ancient law allowing Christians and Jews to live in Islamic kingdoms if they paid a tax. Christians under protection will be allowed to worship privately, keep their own cemeteries and have their own clergy.

However, Christians must keep their religious items out of public sight. They are also not allowed to evangelize, bear arms, or pray where Muslims might hear them.

The ISIS terrorist group grew out of al Qaeda in Iraq and has become the most feared militia in Syria. Raqqa has been under rebel control since May 2013.

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