"Swedish" Rapper Charged In Road Rage Killing
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A reader noted this Los Angeles Times story, which contains a very limited physical description of David Jassy, accused of beating and kicking a 55-year-old white jazz pianist to death in a road rage incident:
After midnight Sunday, John Osnes, a pianist who performed jazz standards and Beatles songs at piano bars in Hollywood, put an empty glass down on the counter of one of his favorite haunts, The Spotlight, and waved goodbye to an employee.

"He said, 'Benji, I will see you tomorrow for sure,' " bartender Benjamin Avery recalled.

An hour later, Osnes, 55, lay dying in a crosswalk a few blocks away, the victim, police say, of a violent road rage attack by a Swedish hip-hop artist.

The rapper, David Moses Jassy, also known as Dave Monopoly, 34, made a brief appearance in Superior Court on Wednesday. His arraignment was postponed a week to allow him to hire an attorney.

According to authorities, Osnes, who did not own a car and was a stickler for pedestrian rights, was crossing a street near his residence when Jassy's rented SUV drifted into the crosswalk. After Osnes struck the front of the vehicle with his hands, Jassy allegedly got out, punched Osnes, kicked him in the head when he stooped to recover his glasses and then ran over him with the vehicle. Bystanders, including an off-duty Anaheim police officer, witnessed the assault and tried unsuccessfully to detain Jassy, according to authorities. ... Avery, the bartender, came to court for the short hearing, in part, he said, to see what sort of man would hurt Osnes, who he described as rail-thin and "frail." Jail records show that Jassy outweighed Osnes — who friends say weighed about 150 — by 50 pounds.

"I guess I was expecting someone who was really gangster or homeless, but he doesn't appear that way," Avery said of Jassy, a trim man with light eyes and a shaved head.(Emphasis added.)

[Pianist's life lost during a walk home |John Osnes, a pedestrians' advocate, died in an alleged road rage attack by Swedish rapper David Moses Jassy. The performer, so far, faces charges of assault, battery and leaving an accident scene. By Harriet Ryan November 27, 2008]

Note what's missing from that description—the fact that Mr. Jassy is black. (Not "African-American," in this case, since he's not American.)The UK's Daily Mail has this   headline: Swedish hip-hop star held in LA following 'road-rage' incident in which pedestrian died , November, 26 2008, but they have a picture of Mr. Jassy, who turns out to be of Gambian and Estonian descent, although he may be a resident, or even a citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden, he is not what we normally call "Swedish."

Nicholas Stix is already on the case, with an essay called David Moses Jassy and John T. Osnes: Rap's Murder of Music Now a Dead Metaphor, in which his point is that a rapper has allegedly killed an actual musician.

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