Swedes Accuse PISA Of Fabricated Data
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December 04, 2013, 11:29 PM
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Via Staffan`s Personality Blog, here`s an article from a Swedish (ahem, sore loser, ahem) newspaper accusing PISA of using fabricated data from Slovenia, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. The charges don`t involve students, but high school principals. The principals were supposed to fill in a 184 question survey for the Nosey Parkers at PISA, but there is evidence that dozens of principals just cut and pasted somebody else`s answers, which wouldn`t be hugely surprising with a survey that is 184 questions long.

A general problem with comparing results of countries in international tests are differing levels of motivation. It`s remarkable how plausible the PISA results are in general considering how much this factor is likely to vary from place to place and time to time.