Sweden Gets Shantytown Diversity
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Sweden has been remarkably generous in welcoming foreigners to settle in their nation, going so far as to invite all Syrian refugees to come and live there. Curiously, the offer came even after the days of foreigner rioting in Stockhom last spring, so the Swedes’ liberal urges are stubborn indeed. Plus, the poorly mannered newbies from eastern Europe continue to pour into the west.

The IslamVersusEurope blog informs is that Sweden has now accumulated dozens of immigrant shantytowns, such as the one pictured below near Stockholm:

Sweden’s rapid decay: 30 shanty towns in Stockholm alone, IslamVersusEurope.blogspot.com, December 27, 2013

“Shanty towns spreading in Stockholm. Around Stockholm there are small shack villages populated by poor European migrants. Social agencies estimate that there are now a total of some 30 active settlements in the capital. …

Using plywood, plastic, inflatable boats and building materials some 20 shed-like buildings have been set up at Högdalen in southern Stockholm. … several of the homes have fireplaces and simple insulation. A type of home that you might associate only with a shanty town in Africa.”

Original article in Swedish

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