Suspicious Job Ad
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For years I have covered job ads that have the appearance of excluding American workers. This one by Susan Russo & Associates on Monster definitely qualifies.

An employer is looking for a contractor that will have the title of "Global Form Designer". It's an odd title that has little to do with the skills required. Computer programmers often use the term "global" but in that context it has nothing to do with globalization — or immigration.

Most of the requirements are typical for somebody with database and web design experience: XML, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, and other computer skills such as knowing how to use Word and Adobe Acrobat. These are skills that are fairly generic and commonplace, so it's no surprise that the education required is for a Bachelor's or Associate's degree or some other type of technical degree. It would be difficult to argue that there are shortages of these types of workers in the Bay area, especially considering there are probably plenty of kids out of high school that could probably do this job.

There are only a few specific requirements that grab the eye — like this one in bold letters: "ONLY LOCAL SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA CANDIDATES WILL BE CONSIDERED". So, either they love San Francisco people or they don't want to pay for moving expenses. You pick the reason!

The following requirement might sound tough but actually requires only average programming and language skills to perform. Designing forms depends very little on the subject if the specifications are adequately defined, which is always the case with low level programming positions. The use of the word "immigration" raises some flags:

Candidate’s primary task will be to create and maintain immigration-related forms and questionnaires (for US and many other countries) using proprietary methodologies and established protocols.

In case American applicants haven't gotten the hint yet, near the end of the ad the the hammer is dropped with code words that appear to be telling applicants that Americans need not apply:

Familiarity with U.S. and / or global immigration a big plus.

So, just what kind of people live in the SF Bay area that have technical skills, and that have any familiarity with immigration? Certainly not the few American programmers that are still living there!

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