Surrender Of The Southern Baptists: American Christianity Has Fallen
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I awoke this morning to a photo from the Vatican Academy of the Virgin Mary cradling a black Jesus. I thought to myself, “Though the Southern Baptists have been slipping, thank God that there is still one denomination still true to the Word of God.” No longer. The Southern Baptist Convention has fallen, as has every other denomination before it. It no longer exists, in the process of renaming itself the “Great Commission Baptists,” in a move Convention President J.D. Greear [Tweet himdeclares is “essential” to supporting Black Lives Matter.

As Mr. Greear put it, “Our Lord Jesus was not a White Southerner but a brown-skinned Middle Eastern refugee.” The American Church is no more; organized, institutional Christianity is gone, except perhaps for Russian Orthodoxy. For American believers, the Church now exists only in our hearts.


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