Supreme Court Repeats: Lou Barletta's Hazleton Ordinances Not Killed
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[caption id="attachment_44046" align="aligncenter" width="299" caption="Congressman Barletta with Hazleton Mayor Yannuzzi"]Congressman Barletta with Hazleton Mayor Yannuzzi[/caption]

In a pleasing development, the Supreme Court has not accepted the attempt by a Treason Lobby Appeals Court Judge to murder the Hazleton illegal immigration ordinances: Hazleton’s immigration case revived By Terri Morgan-Besecker The Times Leader June 7 2011

The high court directed the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the Hazleton case based on the Supreme Court’s May 26 decision that upheld an Arizona law, which is similar to the employment provision in the city’s Illegal-Immigration Relief Act.
This was the decision described as A Memorial Day Present by our Washington Watcher.

Coming after a long run of demonstrations of Treason Lobby strength/Ethnic activism in the Judiciary, this is likely to give fresh hope to those who wish to deal with the immigration disaster by democratic political means, rather than see it reserved to judicial despotism.

It is also a well-deserved reward to Congressman Lou Barletta who has made a good start in Washington (NumbersUSA grade A) after courageously striving to protect his home town as Mayor.

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