Superb Hispanic Peril Presentation (Marred By Squeamish Conclusion)
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Tino Sanandaji: America's new Champion?

Thanks, Steve Sailer, for drawing attention to Why Hispanics are Natural Democrats and what the GOP can do about it by Tino Sanandaji Super-Economy November 12, 2012

This is a superb and conclusive documentation of the threat Hispanic immigration poses to the Republicans and to America (if there is any difference). Patriots should read it and bookmark it for further use.

Let’s not kid ourselves; Obama got 71 percent of the Hispanic vote in party by emphasizing “minority solidarity”. Liberals are now more or less openly inciting anti-majority ethnic resentment…

If high-immigration policy is continued by 2050 U.S Census projects that Hispanics will become 31 percent of the population and non-Hispanic whites 45 percent. There is no place for a conservative political party in the country the U.S is slowly turning into. However as I have shown for another 10 to perhaps 15 years, there remains a narrow path for the GOP to avert political suicide. If what remains of the Republican party instead believe Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and Jeb Bush and the liberal media telling them that accelerated Hispanic immigration will save the GOP, they deserve the fate that awaits them.

Of course this fits exactly with what Peter Brimelow has been saying, right back to his 1992 National Review piece. Mass Hispanic immigration is a deadly threat. Denying this is a Neoconservative lie.

Unfortunately, when it comes to proposals, Sanandaji blunders

Second Republicans should also be aggressive about stamping out all traces of ethnic intolerance in the GOP.

In late 2000 publishing GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote got Steve Sailer and aggressively stamped out – banned – by Free Republic for alleged racism. This attitude will simply enable in Sanandajii’s work to be repressed and ignored too.

If America is to survive, there is no room for such squeamishness.

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