Super Bowl Commercial: 8-minute Mortgages Are Good for the Economy...What?
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This Super Bowl Rocket Mortgage commercial seemed to be aimed at regulators and politicians as much as borrowers. It was vaguely reminiscent of George W. Bush’s speech at the 2002 White House Conference on Increasing Minority Homeownership and Angelo Mozilo’s 2003 Harvard address about how Bush’s regulators should get the message that old-fashioned standards on down payments and documentation are old-fashioned downers.

Still, it was interesting that 13-years ago, Bush and Mozilo played the race card a lot harder in arguing for hog-wild lending as necessary for racial equality, while this time Quicken used old postwar Keynesian “Good for the Economy” rhetoric in arguing for 8-minute mortgages.

On the other hand: the fact that a side effect of the White Death is constipation didn’t seem to cause the makers of a pill for opioid-induced constipation any worries about political reaction:

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