Suddenly States Can Make Immigration Policy
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Not a few short years ago, the cultural Marxists were the upset that Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were running their own immigration policy and decrying the interference by the States, specifically Arizona, in Federal immigration policy. Note that it was policy they were concerned about, as Sheriff Joe was just assisting in enforcing Federal immigration law.

However, now the cultural Marxists are crowing that the States are now setting their own immigration policies.

WaPo by Reid Wilson January 21, 2014

States Take Action On Immigration As Congress Stalls

Immigrants coming to the United States increasingly face a distinctive choice: Live in Red America, where laws clamping down on services to those in the country illegally are winning support, or Blue America, where life is a little easier for them.

Comprehensive immigration reform languishes amid partisan sniping on Capitol Hill. But Republicans and Democrats in 45 state legislatures around the country have taken decisive action in the last year to revise their own laws relating to immigration, and how their states treat illegal immigrants.

“We are still waiting for the federal government to fix the immigration system,” said Washington State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (D), the co-chair of the National Conference of State Legislatures’ immigration task force. “States are doing the best we can with the tools we have available to us. State legislators face fiscal challenges in education, health and law enforcement. To do nothing is not an option.”

Despite the congressional inaction, both Republicans and Democrats have taken steps in response to the federal government. Republican-controlled states acted to tighten immigration laws in response to a 2012 Supreme Court decision that struck down some law enforcement elements of Arizona’s controversial Senate Bill 1070. A handful of Democratic-controlled states acted after the Department of Homeland Security said it would offer a temporary reprieve, and permission to work, to low-priority illegal immigrants. [More]

Now, one must point out that no State, except Utah, has actually passed an "immigration" law. Utah, of course, could not implement its plan to start issuing work permits to illegal aliens. It was clearly beyond the authority of Utah to regulate immigration.

But, unlike Arizona's efforts to assist in enforcing Federal immigration law, the cultural Marxists at the State level openly proclaimed that their support for illegal aliens and sought to thwart the enforcement of Federal immigration law. In so doing, they were putting themselves in the position of acting unlawfully and outside the Constitution.

Cultural Marxists are the nullification movement of the 21st Century, but this time not defending the citizens of the several States against tyrannical encroachment on the traditional liberties and sovereignty of the States and their peoples, but on behalf of aliens not citizens of either the respective States or of the nation. The cultural Marxists take this action on behalf of aliens not authorized or entitle to be in the State or the nation.

This is in contrast to their arguments a short time ago that immigration law was a sole Federal jurisdiction and that national immigration policy, rather than the law, took precedence over State law supporting actual Federal law. The cultural Marxists cheered the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals decision overturning the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act signed into law in 2010. Of course, cultural Marxists are never intellectually consistent, as they are Marxists, the end justifies any means, including lying to the Supreme Court.

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