Stupid Republicans Apologize To Keith Ellison For Rude FB Post, Instead Of Counterattacking On His Own Well-Know Hates
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Minnesota Republicans are apologizing to Muslim Democrat Keith Ellison, who represents Minnesota's 5th District, because a 7th District GOP Facebook post called him, hilariously enough, "Minnesota's Head Muslim Goat Humper."

Of course, the joke about the radical leftist, Mohammedan friend of Louis Farrakhan was "disgusting, racist and hateful," unlike anything Farrakhan has ever said about Jews or whites. [ Note: Ellison is , of course, an American Black Muslim who has never even met a goat, and if he did, would certainly treat it with no more that  distant politeness. For the official Muslim position on such carryings-on, see the classic Mark Steyn column The Shagged Sheep.]

For the record, $PLC identifies Farrakhan as a hater.

Ellison finally denounced him, but not before quite a long time associating with the crackpot.

One shudders to think how fast the GOP would disown someone with a record like Ellison's.

Remember GOP Sen. Trent Lott? One compliment to an old friend the Left hated, and he was out as Senate Majority Leader—pursued by both the Left and the Righteous Right.

Ellison? A career of virulent racism and anti-Semitism, and sidling up to kooks, and they nearly made him Chairman of the Democratic Party.


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