Strange Country, Norway, Where Politicians Favor Voters Getting Higher Wages And Don't Worry About Oil Rotting In The Fields, Er, Ground
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Bloomberg business news reports, with some surprise:
Norway rejected pleas from the country’s oil industry to help contain wage growth that producers say is hampering competitiveness in western Europe’s largest crude exporter. 

A government-appointed commission on oilrigs and drilling concluded last month Norway must cut labor costs and ease regulations to ensure petroleum isn’t left in the ground.

And if Norway's oil is left in the ground in 2012, it will quickly curdle and have to be thrown out. (Or is that milk I'm thinking of?)

So they must cut wages. I forget what the question is, but in the globalist press, cutting wages is always the answer.

Yet, a Norwegian politician appears to believe that Norwegian voters like it when he doesn't crumple to oil companies's demands:

“As a country and as a sector, we should never compete on security, health and environmental standards, or hourly wages for personnel,” Norway Oil Minister Ola Borten Moe, 36, said in a Sept. 11 interview. “We live in a country with real-wage increases. We have for many, many years, and I hope that continues.”

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