Attacks Patriots Whose Names They Can't Spell
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Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs writes

"The one true constant of the left's war on America is that they accuse the individual of what they are guilty of. Projection. They project, accuse their target of their tactic. Such it is with They are on a witch hunt, calling every voice that doesn't stomp in goosestep with them a white supremacist, a Nazi, a racist, a hater, blech blech blech."

She's talking about, via a story on NewsBusters, who have a witch hunt Press Release that says:

This Halloween, take action against the lies and hate speech that Glen [sic] Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Paul Brown, and Pat Buchanan have been spewing in a nationwide witch hunt.
Echo Justice, a coalition of national and local organizations launched a multi-media counter to the right-wing's echo chamber. is a newly formed multimedia watch dog portal that will use social media and mobile communications to take a grassroots stand and "call out" the mischaracterizations and hate speech that has been going on for too long.

The sic on Glenn Beck's name was added by NewBusters, but what I was trying to figure out is, "Who is Paul Brown?" Is it some deservedly obscure figure that they're trying to add to this lineup in order to make other conservatives look bad? Then I figured it out: they mean Congressman Paul Broun. Broun is a congressional critic of Obama, who is said to have compared Obama to Hitler. He didn't exactly say that, and he's apologized for what he did say, but he's the target for today. (You can see the pictures of the targets in this Halloween PDF, and a close look at one of the labels says that it does say Broun.) So here's a left wing organization aiming wild charges at conservatives, trying to silence their voices in the media, and they can't even spell their names right.

As for the accusation of witch hunting, yes, it is tiresome to hear accusations of witch hunting from witch hunters. Did you know that there hasn't been a witch burning in the United States, ever. (The Salem "witches" were hanged.) Later accusations of witch-hunting were leveled against Joe McCarthy, who was fighting real, not imaginary Communists, and Ken Starr, who got Clinton impeached, if not removed.

But for real witch burning, (not of real witches, there's no such thing) you have to got to the less civilized  parts of the world, like  Kenya.

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