Steve King Takes On Birthright Citizenship
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Representative Steve King has introduced a bill to do something about "Birthright Citizenship"—we do have to find something else to call it, by the way. The point is that it's specifically not a a birthright.
CBS Political Hotsheet January 6, 2011 10:13 AM Steve King Moves Forward on Bill to End Birthright Citizenship Posted by Stephanie Condon 14 comments

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa, marking his first day as head of a House immigration panel, introduced a bill on Wednesday to end the practice of birthright citizenship.

The bill would amend section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.

It's generally thought that the 14th Amendment provides a constitutional guarantee of citizenship for anyone born in the United States — known as "birthright citizenship" — but King told Hotsheet last year that he does not interpret the 14th Amendment that way.[More]

A discussion of the why this is a wrong interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment was published in August 31, 2001, [Weigh Anchor! Enforce the Citizenship Clause] and it's also mentioned in Alien Nation...on page 3.
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