State Questions and the National Question in 2010
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In the elections held on November 2nd, some state questions related to the National Question were voted on by various states.

Arizona banned affirmative action programs to be used by state and local governments.

Oklahoma had several state questions related to the National Question. State Question 751 requires official business to be conducted in English, it passed. SQ 746, the photo-ID-for-voting measure also passed. And so did SQ 755, which ”forbids [Oklahoma] courts from considering or using [Islamic] Sharia Law.”

Also, State Question 744 would have taken education appropriations out of the hands of the legislature and base it on the average education funding of the six states bordering Oklahoma. The NEA (National Education Association) put a lot of money into this measure, but it was roundly defeated, 81.41% to 18.59%.

In Rhode Island, the state question attempting to remove "and Providence Plantations" from the official name of the state was defeated, 78% to 22%. So the official name of the state is still "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations".

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