Sportscaster Julie Donaldson's Brutal, Raceless Boyfriend Finally ID'd
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Last Thursday, a reader wrote me: ["Ivan Lattimore speaks with his attorney, Jessica Thrall, at a Suffolk Superior Court hearing July 30th."

A beautiful reporter in Boston (former beauty queen) was badly beaten up by her boyfriend. It has made lots of press, but the race of the man has always been omitted. It was only today that the Herald showed a picture of him. He is black, she is blonde. Go figure.

The 2001 Miss Florida USA, Julie Donaldson, is tall, blonde, and prior to June 28, was wholesome-looking. Now she needs surgery to repair her face.

A Suffolk Superior Court judge yesterday refused to set free the allegedly abusive boyfriend of Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson as disturbing details of a past beating involving another woman emerged in court.

Earlier [in July], Boston Municipal Court Judge Raymond Dougan ordered professional slamball player Ivan Lattimore held without bail until he goes to trial in September for allegedly beating up the former Miss Florida USA.

Yesterday, Suffolk Judge Lloyd MacDonald upheld that decision, saying there were no conditions of release that could ensure Donaldson’s safety. “He’s a very grave danger to members of the community,” the judge said.

Lattimore, 32, is charged with assaulting Donaldson and two other women [out of six] the couple brought back to her Back Bay apartment from Saint nightclub after a night of heavy boozing [June 27 into the wee hours of the 28th].

Lattimore has a criminal record that includes domestic violence convictions…

In California in 2005, Lattimore lost his temper after drinking champagne and shots, put his hand over his girlfriend’s mouth and pushed her onto the bed, the judge said. Lattimore told her to “shut up” when she said she couldn’t breathe and the victim was afraid her neck was going to break, the judge said.

The woman’s lip and nose began to bleed and she felt herself being suffocated. After nearly 30 minutes, according to the police report, the woman fell silent and Lattimore went to play video games.

Photos filed in court show a battered Donaldson with a badly bruised eye, bruises on her arm, a bite mark on her cheek and a fist-sized bruise on her thigh. One photo shows a bite mark on Lattimore’s inner thigh.[Judge: Julie Donaldson’s beau can‘t go, by Jessica Heslam, Thursday, July 31, 2008.]

That night, Lattimore allegedly celebrated Donaldson’s 32nd birthday by groping another woman in Donaldson’s apartment, grabbing the other woman by the hair when she tried to leave, and when Donaldson tried to play peacemaker, throwing Donaldson against a wall five feet away, as if she were a ragdoll.

Last month, Donaldson testified that though they went weeks between visits, the 6’4,” 215 lb. Lattimore, who lived in California, had given her at least four hellacious beatings, including this last one. She said she had been dating Lattimore since last Thanksgiving, was supporting him, and that he had run up $30,000 worth of debts on her credit card. Slamball, a basketball-type game involving trampolines, evidently doesn’t pay well. Donaldson said that Lattimore suffers from problems with alcohol, “anger management and abandonment issues,” and “delusions.”

Ya think?

Lattimore’s public defender, Jessica Thrall, insisted Donaldson “is not in danger, and she knows she is not in danger.” Either to prove that Lattimore is no danger to Donaldson, to blackmail her out of testifying at trial, or to destroy her broadcasting career, Thrall insisted the two had videotaped themselves having sex just hours before the alleged assault.

I’m sure Lattimore is very charming when he isn’t groping strange women in his lovers’ presence, using sex tapes against lovers, or almost murdering them.

Donaldson “said her boyfriend called her 47 times on her cellphone immediately after his arrest. She said he doesn't understand why he's in jail, and encouraged her to tell police they were playing a game.”

A deadly game.

The trial is set for September 8.

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