SPLC: It's Your Own Fault You Didn't Notice We're Evil
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I'd never really looked at the logo of the Southern Poverty Law Center's blog before, but ... Is this self-parody?The Stalinist typeface, the giant angry eyeball ... C'mon ... This has got Ministry of Truth written all over it.


SPLC Logo/Eye Of Sauron


Maybe Morris Dees is trying to hedge his bets. Perhaps he figures come Judgment Day, he can always argue that well, sure, maybe he misled all those senile old people into funding his wife's expensive knicknack collecting mania, but he gave everybody plenty of hints that the SPLC is evil.

By the way, Obama's new AttackWatch site looks like it was designed by interns at the design firm that did HateWatch: similar in intention, but more puerile, more easy Nurembergish black-white-red than the SPLC's Leningradish gray-white-red.

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