South Texas Newspaper Poll: Overwhelming Majority Think Border with Mexico Should be Closed; Reconquistas: Border Security is “a Non-Existent Problem”
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So far, 1,083 readers have responded to the Web site poll by The Monitor, a newspaper based in McAllen, Texas.

Of those who responded to the question “Do you think the border should be closed?” only eight percent were undecided, and only 18% said, “No, it’s not as bad as it seems.” Of those respondents who had an opinion, 80.4% believe that the border should have been closed long ago, should be closed now, or should be closed soon.

Do you think the border should be closed?

No, it’s not as bad as it seems: 18%

No, but it should be soon: 9%

Yes, things are getting out of hand: 30%

Yes, it should have been done a long time ago: 35%

I am undecided: 8%

Given the border situation, the results do not sound anomalous to me.

For a view from an alternate universe, however, the Reconquistas at Latina Lista insist that there is already too much border enforcement, which must be halted (since border security is “a non-existent problem”), accompanied by an immediate, mass, unconditional amnesty. Their accomplices at the Border Network for Human Rights commissioned their own push poll two months ago: New poll shows U.S.-Mexico border insecurity exists only with politicians, posted by Marisa Treviño “on 10 de Agosto 2010,” showing that people living on the American side of the border are perfectly happy and content with the status quo, and it is solely the outside gringo politician-agitators who are the problem.

The Reconquista agenda has not changed in years.

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