South Africa: Human Rights Groups," the UN, and the NEW ZEALAND HERALD Protest Xenophobic" Hate Crimes" Against Black Foreigners, While Ignoring Ongoing Black Genocide Against White Citizens
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‘All the black-on-white murders you can pull off are on the house.’ That’s the implicit message being sent by the U.N., “human rights groups,” and the New Zealand Herald, all of whom have condemned attacks on illegal and legal black immigrants in South Africa, but who act as though there were no campaign of mass murder underway against white South Africans.

On June 6, the New Zealand Herald’s alleged reporter, Tracy McVeigh, devoted a 349-word story, South African mobs targeting immigrants, to the cause of fighting xenophobia, while refusing to report on the slow-motion Holocaust which, since the end of white rule in 1994, has claimed thousands of whites, including 3,145 white farmers alone, in the sort of horrific manner—amidst rape and prolonged, sadistic torture—that my readers are familiar with from my dispatches on the black race war stateside.

Fears are rising that South Africa could face a new wave of xenophobic violence as mock eviction notices are issued to foreign traders in townships around Johannesburg, the scenes of bloody violence in May 2008.

In one settlement, Pakistani and Somali shopkeepers have closed and are staying indoors. Last week, more than 50 Somali-owned shops in Port Elizabeth were burned and looted.

On Friday, human rights groups marched through the centre of Johannesburg to protest against attacks on foreigners, mostly Somalis and Zimbabweans.

Now a graphic video has emerged showing a mob beating to death an innocent Zimbabwean man. The shocking images will increase the pressure on President Jacob Zuma to act.

Taken on a mobile phone by freelance reporter Golden Mtika in the township of Diepsloot and given to the New York Times, they show 26-year-old Farai Kujirichita being set upon by a crowd of men, women and children who wrongly believed he was a criminal….

In May 2008, South Africa’s image took a knock as xenophobic violence ignited but the security crackdown during the run-up to the hugely successful football World Cup kept attacks on foreigners down….

May Farai Kujirichita rest in peace. His murder was reprehensible.

Note that groups espousing “human rights” believe in nothing of the sort. This case is typical: Such groups believe in rights for some groups, and none for others, typically based on race and/or ethnicity. For them, black foreigners have rights, while white citizens have none. Things are the same in America, where “human rights” groups support the “right” of foreign invaders to rob white Americans of their own country, and support anti-white genocide. “Human rights groups” used to be better known as “communist fronts.”

Meanwhile, the saintly Nelson Mandela’s position on murdering black foreigners is not known, at present. What is known is that Mandela spends his twilight years crisscrossing the country, exhorting young black South Africans to “Kill the Boer!” (white farmers). So far, they have obliged him by slaughtering 3,145 white farmers and untold other whites.

Apparently, genocide against whites does not hurt one’s image, at least as long as the world media variously suppress the truth, or lie about it outright. The media are clearly aiding and abetting South Africa’s black butchers, so that the latter will have time to get the job done, before public opinion can be aroused, and South Africa’s remaining 4.7 million whites can be saved.

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