SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN NOVEMBER: Fired On, Shot, Robbed, Bound ... And Murdered In Their Homes
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16 South African farm attacks were reported in November 2023 including numerous assaults and two murders.

[16 Farm attacks, 2 farm murders in South Africa, November 2023,, December 6, 2023]

Some of these farm attacks are black-on-black, though the victims may be employed by whites.

  • A farm worker and his wife were reportedly assaulted in Randfontein, Gauteng province.

Six thieves stole 150 cattle, reports say.

Three attackers entered the home and stole a number of household items valued at R147, 650, or nearly $8,000. One rand is valued at about five and half cents in U.S. currency.

Reports say the thieves entered the home while the victim was asleep.

No injuries were noted and it is not known if the victim was the owner or a worker.

  • Mateki Mosito, 56, died after being shot twice in the chest at Doornpoort Barry’s Farm in Westonaria, Gauteng province.

Cash and clothes were stolen by six attackers.

Mangqebe Mohale, 56, and Tebho Ramqele, 50, were also shot, Mohale in the abdomen and thigh and Ramaqele in the right foot. Both survived.

It’s not the first farm attack in Westonaria. reports that in 2020:

Paul da Cruz, his wife and four children—three girls and one boy aged between 6 and 18—were attacked on their farm in Westonaria in Gauteng on Friday morning.

Da Cruz told Netwerk24 his children and his wife were directly threatened with rape and he wanted them to undergo trauma counselling as soon as possible.

On Saturday, one of his daughters reportedly asked him what it would look like if she were shot in the head.

We will rape your kids, 9 attackers tell farmer, October 5, 2020

  • Unidentified farm workers were held at gunpoint during a farm robbery in Jeffreysbay, East Cape province.

Five attackers made off with household items.

  • A 22-year-old and his father were bound and robbed at their Kameeldrift West farm in Gauteng province. A woman, presumed to be the father’s wife, and their 20-year-old daughter were also bound.

The son reportedly suffered physical assault.

Three assailants stole cellphones and household items.

  • A man and woman were bound during a farm invasion in the Pretoria farming suburb, Kameeldrift West.

Stolen by three assailants were four guns, ammo, laptop computers, and cellphones.

[Two days, two more farm attacks in Kameeldrift West, by Janice du Plessis, Maroela Media, November 20, 2023]

  • Frans De Bruyn was fired upon at his Wildebeest farm in Fochville, Gauteng province.

He was rescued by CPF (Community Policing Forum) volunteers, who are not vigilantes, but operate legally in the same way volunteer firemen do.

Mr Frans de Bruyn was on his farm on the Crocodilian road between Fochville and Westonaria at approximately 23:00 on 8 November when the incident happened. He was in the house when he heard bells at the kraal where he kept his cattle.

He went to investigate but walked into a gang of thieves.

They fired shots at De Bruyn, but he managed to get back home and call the CPF and other groups for help.

“Help me—Frans de Bruyn—I am being attacked.

Come help me,” was De Bruyn’s first call for help with shots ringing in the background.

Other farmers, CPF members and some police members raced to his assistance and found his 57 stolen cattle running in a road towards the mines, terrified.

They herded all the cattle back to De Bruyn’s farm.

Close call for Fochville farmer, by Adele Louw, Carletonville Herald, November 16, 2023
  • Hannes and Susan Pretorius were robbed at their Kumberland farm in Steenbokpan, Limpopo province. Susan was seriously injured in the attack.

An unknown number of assailants made off with an unknown number of rifles belonging to the Pretoriuses.

Attackers escaped to Botswana—where they were killed by Botswana police:

An unknown number of thieves made off with the couple’s Ford SuperCab pickup truck.

Vryburg is a principal farming community of 48,000 residents and is known as “the Texas of South Africa” for its cattle ranches.

  • 76-year-old Erik Beneke and an unidentified female were assaulted at a farm in Mkuze, KwaZulu-Natal province.

Stolen were a safe and a handgun. Four assailants were reportedly involved.

  • A 28-year-old woman was bound at gunpoint at a farm in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng province.

Two thieves took cash, gas bottles, two cell phones, and an inverter.

  • 67-year-old Renier Van der Westhuizen was assaulted and shot at and 63-year-old Estelle Van der Westhuizen, presumed to be his wife, was assaulted and bound. A female identified only as Corrie was assaulted.

The crime occurred at a farm in Onderstepoort, Gauteng province.

Three attackers made off with guns and televisions.

Woman shot dead during smallholding attack, Wanda Olivier, find-it-co-za,  December 5, 2023

  • A 63-year-old woman was severely injured during a farm invasion in Onderstepoort, Gauteng province. An unidentified male was also victimized.

Six thieves stole a Ford Ranger, cellphone, and 75,000 rand, or about $4,000.

  • An unidentified victim suffered severe injuries during a farm attack in Mooirvier, KwaZulu-Natal province.

No additional information was reported.

  • An unknown number of victims were bound at a farm in Herculus, near Pretoria in Gauteng province.

Three attackers were involved.

  • A 39-year-old was bound and assaulted during a farm invasion at the Buffalo Drift farm in Gouda, West Cape province.

Three attackers were involved.

Buffalo Drift is a popular tourist destination. It is “situated on Ruigtevlei Farm, near Tulbagh. This working farm on the banks of the lush Berg River offers a variety of accommodation to suit your needs,” according to



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