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It has been now confirmed why the Obama Regime was so resistant to using Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases by various State election officials.  Florida has confirmed that to date 207 aliens have voted in Florida elections.  (h/t Election Law Center)
Supervisor Of Elections Clay County Florida Press Release
Florida’s Voter Eligibility Initiative Confirms 207 Non-Citizens On Voter Rolls Using SAVE Database, Around 8 Percent Of Voters Checked
TALLAHASSEE –The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE) database as well as personal admissions from illegally registered voters have confirmed 207 non-citizens have been on Florida’s voter rolls. The confirmed names will be provided to county supervisors of elections shortly after supervisors complete their federal training on how to use the SAVE database, which they are expected to do this week.
“The Voter Eligibility Initiative is already proving to be a successful process to identify illegally registered voters on Florida’s voter rolls,” said Secretary of State Ken Detzner. “We want every Florida voter to be confident that their vote is protected and not hurt in any way by the illegal activity of others. We know that every vote counts, especially here in Florida where only 537 votes decided the presidential election in 2000.”


Voting by aliens is illegal and the confirmation by Clay County gives U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, currently seeking to become a national Special Victims Unit, the chance to actually enforce criminal sanctions against the both legal and illegal aliens who voted.

Give the Special Agents-in-Charge of the Miami and Tampa offices of ICE SVU a call:

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