Some "Hate Killings" More Equal Than Others
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Hat Tip, James Edwards of The Political Cesspool for surfacing this story: Two women charged with beating man to death in Forest Park By Patrick M. O'Connell ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 06/18/2009

The story: A 5 ft 5 inch 140 lb white man had the poor judgment to invite two larger young black women to smoke marijuana with him in a Park. At some point he made a pass at one of the women. Unfortunately the pair were a lesbian couple. They killed him.

As Edwards points out is his far more professionally-headlined piece Black lesbians murder man for being heterosexual

just imagine the media and police reaction if a straight white man beat a gay guy to death for making sexual advances to him. Or beat a lesbian to death for coming on to his girlfriend. You’re dreaming if you think it wouldn’t be nationwide non-stop news and that he wouldn’t be charged with a hate crime. This case is no different, but the reaction is the complete opposite. Because hate crime charges are for white people

In the current frenzied atmosphere, as the Left musters all its strength to rush through the Hate Crimes Bill, Edwards is absolutely right. We would be hearing of little else. As it is none of the few news accounts of this atrocity indicate any contemplation by the authorities of hate crime issues — and they are under no MSM pressure to do so.

This is because, as Peter Brimelow has pointed out

The flagrant fact is that the Hate Crimes Horde doesn’t give a hoot about ”hate” or the lives of innocents. What it wants is to do to proscribe its enemies–and those enemies are defined by religion and race.

That is why this double standard is so automatic: this is a grab for more political power by people who want to use it.

The Rev. Ted Pike has put out another of his excellent E- Mail Alerts (sign up for them at the top of this website) Half-Hearted Republicans Could Bungle Hate Bill Hearings 19 June 09.

Senate Republicans in general, and Judiciary Republicans in particular, have not shown the same eagerness to fight as did their House counterparts. It’s been rather difficult, in fact, for callers even to squeeze from many Republican offices clear declarations of opposition to the hate bill. This is consistent with the almost entire failure of Senate Republicans to publicly speak out against the hate bill when it passed on September 26, 2007

I repeat, in view of the openly expressed danger to the immigration debate, where are NumbersUSA, FAIR, and CIS?

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