Some good news from Oklahoma
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In such a grim week, it is pleasant to get some good news. Yesterday morning, an email from the proprietor of the interesting anti-Mexican-merger website Oklahoma Corridor Watch arrived. It alerted me to the victory in the Oklahoma State Senate of the patriotic forces: the bill discussed here on Saturday seriously discouraging the presence of illegal immigrants in the state passed overwhelmingly, 41-6.

The proposal — House Bill 1804 — passed after lengthy debate. It now goes to the House, which previously passed an earlier version of the bill.

House author, Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, expects it to pass easily.

"For all practical purposes, this bill is sitting on the governor's desk," Terrill said.

(Immigration bill approved by Senate after long debate By Barbara Hoberock and Leigh Bell Tulsa World April 17 2007)

The Governor, Democrat Brad Henry, is apparently hiding under his desk. He ran advertisements last election declaring himself against illegal immigration and now faces a

…measure is described as the toughest state immigration bill in the nation

(State Senate Approves Sweeping Immigration Legislation April 17 2007)

Representative Terry sounds happy and the Governor’s staff does not

(Terrill) urged Henry to sign the bill… called "veto-proof” because it passed the House 88-9 and the Senate 41-6. "Governor Henry supports responsible and effective immigration reform, but he will not pass final judgment on this bill until he has had an opportunity to closely review the final version of the legislation,” said Paul Sund, his communications director.

(Capitol: Senate passes illegal-immigration measure By John Greiner Tuesday April 17 2007 Access requires free registration)

Also not happy are the national MSM. Of the 80 news stories carried by Google News on the legislation at this writing, two thirds are actually about the State Senate approving the Water Melon as the state vegetable. That story has appeared all over the country. At present, only Oklahoma news outlets have reported on the illegal immigrant measure, even though it is certain to be a national trend setter.

It depends what the definition of ”good” is, I suppose.

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