Somali Male Model from Australia Killed Fighting for ISIS
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Regression to the mean even among the hipster elite

Don't you hate it when the Narrative goes off-script?

A former model and DJ from Melbourne, described by his former agency as having a promising future, is the latest Australian believed to have been killed fighting alongside ISIS militants in Syria.

The parents of Sharky Jama, 25, were informed of their son’s death via a text message and phone call on Monday, said Hussein Harakow, president of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria.

“They’re very shocked and very disappointed,” said Harakow, who knows the Jama family.

He said Jama had disappeared along with another Somali-Australian, named in Australian media reports as former business student Yusuf Yusuf, in August last year.

[Australian model, DJ, killed fighting for ISIS in Syria, family friends sayby Tim Hume and Chieu Luu, CNN, April 16, 2015]

20 "Australians" have been killed fighting for ISIS since 2012.  Thank God the boring, white-bread Dominion has been turned into such a hip, vibrant place that can spawn a black male models who will die trying to impose a 7th century Caliphate on the world.

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