Somali Gangsters in St. Paul Commit Crimes to Entertain Their YouTube Fans
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When young Somali immigrants aren't pursuing jihad in the dear homeland, some of the tribe think it's a big yuck to assault people and put it on YouTube. Several self-appointed "stars" recently mugged it up with their real names, then knocked down old people and children—the Somali Tubers were too cowardly to pick victims strong enough to fight back.

Even the normally diversity-enthralled Star Tribune reported the story with a degree of disapproval: Police on the trail of attackers shown in YouTube video.

A YouTube video of eight young men terrorizing bicyclists and pedestrians — including children and older people — in what appear to be Minneapolis and St. Paul has triggered an investigation by police in both cities.

Edited and set to music, the video shows the group of what appear to be teenagers or young men taking turns saying, "Watch this," before knocking down victims and running away, laughing.

Somebody has put up the original Tube (HERE) that was pulled, plus a little commentary tacked on; there's no reason to think that version won't be pulled too. But it is available for viewing now, if you don't mind subjecting yourself to some seriously repulsive stupid.

The good news is that the feeble-mindedness of the criminals made finding them easy for law enforcement: Police arrest 4 in videotaped assaults posted on YouTube (KARE-11 TV, Nov 19).

Also on Wednesday, one of the alleged victims came forward to report what he says happened to him.

Paul Dickinson, 71, of St. Paul said he was on his evening stroll along Grand Avenue near Avon Avenue in St. Paul when a man ran at him from behind and tackled him.

"I had no advanced warning at all, so I just fell like a stone.  I did a faceplant on the sidewalk," Dickinson said.

Dickinson also spotted the young man running away and laughing after the attack.  It was a scene he didn't expect to see again — until he learned of the now infamous video.  Dickinson believes his attack was one of those included in the video.

"I  think what did they do, was that on their list, they had to go tackle an old man," he said.

Just think, we would have missed all this enriching diversity without multicultural immigration.

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