Software Malfunction At THE ATLANTIC Preventing Comments On Ta-Nehisi Coates' Ferguson Piece?
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Now here's a funny thing.

Professional Angry Negro Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a long piece (2400 words, including imbedded quotes) at The Atlantic on the two Justice Department reports about Ferguson, Missouri.

The piece is of course perfectly innumerate, taking no account of the stupendous levels of crime among blacks.  Nor does it offer any quantitative evidence that the Ferguson PD is any more "racist" (translation: aware of high black criminality) than any other police department, a matter now being worked on by Steve Sailer and his readers.

An interesting question of our time is:  How much longer can society at large continue pretending that the vast statistical differences in antisocial behavior between blacks and nonblacks are caused by the malice of nonblacks?

As a constitutional pessimist, I'm inclined to think it can go on pretty much for ever.  Indeed, I'm surprised this pretense wasn't laughed out of the public sphere thirty years ago.

Little rays of hope are none the less welcome, and after reading a piece like this one by Coates, I go looking for them in the comment threads.

Imagine my astonishment when, going to the Comments section at the end of Coates' piece, I found no comments at all, only the legend: "Comments for this thread are now closed."  Coates' piece had at this point been up on the internet for four days.

Some software malfunction at The Atlantic, perhaps?

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