Social Science Genetic Association Consortium: Crimethink Banned, We Will Dox You
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From the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium:

The SSGAC is a cooperative enterprise among medical researchers and social scientists that coordinates genetic association studies for social science outcomes and provides a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas. The SSGAC also tries to promote the collection of harmonized and well-measured phenotypes.

… The SSGAC is currently conducting:

​Large-scale GWAS meta-analysis of educational attainment (EA4)

Within-family GWAS of multiple phenotypes

Ongoing updates of the Polygenic Index Repository

But now:

… I have read the principles articulated by the ASHG with respect to “Advancing Diverse Participation in Research with Special Consideration for Vulnerable Populations”. I agree to adhere to the principles articulated in the final two sections of this statement, “In the Conduct of Research with Vulnerable Populations, Researchers Must Address Concerns that Participation May Lead to Group Harm” and “The Benefits of Research Participation Are Profound, Yet the Potential Danger that Unethical Application of Genetics Might Stigmatize, Discriminate against, or Persecute Vulnerable Populations Persists.”

And then …

… I agree that violating any of the Terms and Conditions may result in consequences including, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

Contacting my institution’s institutional review board (IRB) and/or scientific integrity office
Contacting my supervisor, department chair, dean, or similar institutional authority
Contacting any relevant funder (governmental or private)
Blocking the IP address I used to download data and/or blocking the public IP address associated with my institution(s)
Contacting the editor(s) of relevant journal(s)
Publicly describing my violations, in venues that include but are not limited to social media and letters to the editor
Seeking arbitration of any dispute arising under these Terms and Conditions.

According to Web Archive, SSGAC added this “I will not” stuff to its FAQ sometime after March 22, 2021 and before June 3.

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