Sob Story Preview
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This Arizona case may mark the beginning of a new kind of illegal immigrant sob story — "Enforcement drove me to crime!" Any problem is always America's fault for occasionally following the law.

The accused robber, Ruben Aragon Parra, must not have any known children or he would be waving them around trying to evoke sympathy. He certainly didn't get an appealing mug shot.

Two illegal immigrants have been indicted on charges of armed robbery, theft and aggravated assault in Maricopa County.

One of them blames his crime on Arizona’s new employer sanctions law.

Ruben Aragon Parra and Salvador Antonio Monreal-Camargo are accused of stealing a truck on Sept. 13 and later robbing a man in a park.

The second victim chased the suspects in his own car and pounded on the windshield of the stolen truck with a shovel before they were arrested.

Parra told police he needed money after being laid off as a result of Arizona’s new employer sanctions law. [Illegal immigrant blames his robbery on new employer sanctions law, ABC Channel 15, Phoenix 10/5/07]

The Arizona law requiring employers to verify a worker's eligibility with a federal database does not take effect until January 1, 2008.

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