So Why Doesn't the Mexican Congress Like This Legislation ?
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Here at VDARE.COM, we reject the immigration legislation pending in the U.S. Senate, for obvious reasons.

But guess what? The Comisi??n Permanente of the Mexican Congress doesn't like it either! Not for the same reasons we don't, obviously .

The Comisi??n Permanente is a 37-member mini-Congress, which is in session during Mexican congressional recesses. (Mexican Constitution, Article 78).

This Comisi??n unanimously voted to exhort the Calderon Administration to express its rejection of the Kennedy-Bush bill.[Rechaza el Congreso controles migratorios Siglo de Torreon, May 24th, 2007 ]

Why don't they like it?

Congressman Carlos Lozano de la Torre says it will cause more deaths and detentions of Mexicans trying to cross the border. The deaths are lamentable, but preventable. If Mexicans wouldn't cross the border in desert areas, they wouldn't die there.

Lozano also doesn't like it because it supposedly de-emphasizes (for some future time, anyway) "family unification".

The Green Party representative doesn't like it because of the 5,000 fine (which we know will probably not be paid anyway).

What's the lesson here? Mexican politicians will not be satisfied with anything less than open borders with full benefits for all Mexicans.

So why should we care what Mexican politicians say about our immigration policy anyway?

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