Smothers Brother Gets Sentenced to an Average of Only 6.25-12.5 Years for Eight Contract Killings—But It's Detroit
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The Smothers Brothers' long war on American culture is at an end.

One of my busy reader-researchers sent in this item last night with the title:

"Re: Black hit man from Detroit gets only 50 to 100 years. Allegedly murdered [eight]..."

My reader-researcher asked,

"Doesn't this qualify him for serial killer status?

"Or at least a mass murderer?"

To which I explained:

Forget it, Jake, it's Detroit.


"Detroit — A hit man who admitted to killing eight people was sentenced to 50-100 years in prison today.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Craig Strong sentenced Vincent Smothers on eight counts of second-degree murder. Smothers had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a deal in June, avoiding a mandatory life sentence and making him eligible for parole when he's about 80.

His sentencing, however, was delayed this morning after it was learned that contraband was found in Smothers' Wayne County Jail cell, which isn't shared with anyone else. It's not known how a cellular telephone got into the cell...

Strong met before the sentencing with court security commanders, an investigator from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and Judge Timothy Kenny, who presides over the court's Criminal Division, in light of the discovery.

In preparation for the sentencing, Strong also cleared the courtroom of persons interested in the case. All were allowed back but only after providing identification to court security. A dog also was sent in to sniff the courtroom....

Smothers told police he was paid $60,000 for a series of killings. His last victim was Rose Cobb, the wife of a Detroit police officer, in 2007.

After his arrest, he also took responsibility for four murders that police pinned on a teenager. Smothers hasn't been charged in those deaths, and the teen is trying to undo his guilty plea."

Hit man sentenced to 50 to 100 years by Doug Guthrie, The Detroit News (and AP), July 23, 2010.

Vincent Smothers is not yet done wreaking havoc.

How a man can confess to eight contract killings, and yet be given the opportunity for parole, is yet another case of the multicultural sentencing that I have been reporting on, which is threatening to turn all of America into a diversitopia to rival such prime real estate as Detroit. (Another of my reader-researchers responded to the foregoing line, "NOT so long ago, I saw a web site that said the MEDIAN price for a property in Dee was $7,000. I thought first that was a typo. They must have meant $70,000. But NO it IS $7,000.")

Note too that Brother Smothers is such a dangerous individual that court personnel were terrified to be dealing with him, apparently fearing another possible Brian Nichols mass murder, such as I wrote on in March 2005: Brian Nichols: PC Kills…Again.

Prison officials must be really excited about welcoming this particular Smothers Brother. Will a hit man who can get cell phones smuggled into jail even bother hanging around to wait for parole hearings?

At the current rate of diversitopian progress, how long will it be before people start saying, "Forget it, Jake—it's America "?

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