Silicon Valley's Harker School: Molding the Zillionaires of Tomorrow Today
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The Harker School in San Jose is one of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious private prep schools. Tuition is $45,877. Wikipedia reports:

Harker has the highest ranking by the College Board for Advanced Placement test scores for AP Computer Science, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Microeconomics, and AP Calculus. In May 2014, 1,536 examinations were written by 513 students in grades 9–12. Scores of 4 and 5: 88 percent; scores of 3, 4 or 5: 97 percent.
Thus, it’s interesting to note a few facts about the future leaders of Silicon Valley currently enrolled at Harker:

Screenshot 2018-03-31 17.21.32

Assuming that Asians are not People of Color (raising the question of What color are they? Transparent? Invisible?), Harkers students are not very Diverse.

Screenshot 2018-03-31 17.27.22

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