Sick Hillary Needed a Doctor in the Oval Office during Coughing Fit
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Clinton biographer/whistle-blower Ed Klein, author of the new book about them Guilty As Sin, has another report about candidate Hillary Clinton’s poor health — an issue that should concern all Americans because the presidency is a hugely stressful job that requires top strength and stamina. The latest item is Hillary’s lengthy coughing attack during her visit to the White House to strategize with the Obamas, where a doctor was called because of the severity.

As I reported a few days ago in ”Is a Sick Hillary Worse Than Crooked?”, her management style is very staff-reliant, so an unhealthy President Clinton2 will delegate many duties to her top aide Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated Huma Abedin and other corrupt staffers.

Below, Hillary’s sketchy health has been revealed in her falling, coughing, needing to be held up and requiring special glasses following her concussion as the result of a fall. The latter condition took six months to get over according to husband Bill.

Writer Ed Klein appeared on Fox News Tuesday for a disturbing discussion of Hillary’s lack of health. Clearly she is quite unwell, but her protective friends in the liberal media won’t report anything negative about her.

A spare audio file of the interview is included below in case the video disappears:


ED KLEIN: Yes Hillary came to the White House to try to coordinate the Obamas’ campaign appearances with Robbie Mook, who’s the campaign manager of Hillary’s campaign. So Hillary went to the White House and while she was there she started to cough, and she started to cough and cough and cough and finally the President had to call in one of his doctors who is on 27 in the White House in case of the Presidents. . .

STEVE DOOCY: You always have somebody on call.

KLEIN: And she couldn’t stop coughing, so afterward the President and the First Lady and a guest started to discuss Hillary’s health and they decided there was no way that the Hillary that they saw that day was the same Hillary that the public is seeing in the debates and in her rallies. There’s clearly a difference: she was not a well woman in front of them and suddenly she looks like she’s fit as a fiddle when she’s in public and they decided she must be on some sort of booster drug. . .

That night in the family quarters, Barack, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett with a guest who was staying overnight at the Lincoln Bedroom discussed her health, and Michelle said she was convinced that Hillary had to be on some sort of stimulant drug in order to make it through this campaign. . .

That’s the gossip but now we have the Oval Office — the President and the First Lady saying they’re convinced that she’s on something. Now what that is we don’t know, but they’re saying there’s no way she can get through these performances in public given what they know about her health in private, which is somebody who has these terrible headaches, she has a trembling of her hands, she has trouble even climbing steps when she’s in private in her home.

Why would anyone that ill want the toughest job in the world? She can’t be right in the head to hunger so zealously for a position that she cannot possibly perform adequately.

Interestingly, Ed Klein also wrote an article about this Hillary episode, only with more details. Apparently the coughing followed a verbal disagreement with the Obamas where Hillary was insulted. Does extra stress cause her coughing fits? How helpful will coughing fits be during high-level negotiations with unfriendly heads of state like Putin who will look for every weakness? Such frailty is a threat to our national security.

Michelle: Hillary Is On Drugs,, By Ed Klein, October 25, 2016

Michelle Obama, widely acknowledged as Hillary Clinton’s most effective campaign surrogate, is concerned that the Democrat presidential nominee’s health is so fragile that she depends on stimulant drugs to get her through the grueling race for the White House.

Both Michelle and Barack Obama have been concerned with the state of Hillary’s health since her presidential campaign began. The Obamas know that Hillary suffers from a slew of severe and debilitating health issues, all of which I have exposed in my latest New York Times bestseller Guilty as Sin.

According to a guest who stayed overnight in the White House and was present in the Family Residence during a discussion of Hillary’s health, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the president’s chief adviser, agreed with the first lady that Hillary has relied on booster drugs during her campaign rallies and three debates with Donald Trump.

They came to that conclusion after a recent meeting with Hillary in the White House, where Hillary made an effort to persuade the president and first lady to coordinate their public appearances with Robby Mook, the Clinton campaign manager.

When Hillary suggested that the president and the first lady submit their speeches in advance to Mook in order to make sure they were on the same page as Hillary’s campaign, Michelle Obama broke out in derisive laughter.

“Michelle made it plain that she and Barack knew how campaigns work better than Hillary or Mook,” said the source who participated in the discussion. “After all, Barack cleaned Hillary’s clock during the 2008 Democratic Party primaries.

“During the heated discussion over campaign coordination,” the source continued, “Hillary suddenly broke out in a coughing fit. The president offered Hillary a glass of water, but Hillary’s coughing only grew worse.

“The president became so alarmed that he summoned one of the five doctors who rotate on duty 24/7 in the White House Medical Unit. The doctor rushed to the Oval Office.”

While the doctor was administering to Hillary, the president, the first lady and Valerie Jarrett stepped outside and turned the Oval Office over to Hillary and the doctor. After a while, the doctor emerged and told everyone that he was able to stop Hillary’s convulsive coughing and that she was all right.

“The experience left the president and first lady shaken and worried,” said the source. “It was clear to them that Hillary was not well. They know how exhausting and draining a presidential campaign is. Clearly, the Hillary they saw in the White House was different than the Hillary the public has seen during her rallies and in the debates.

“They concluded that there was no way that Hillary could make it through such a demanding ordeal without getting some help from booster drugs.”

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