Shout Of "Kill Him" At Rally Directed At White Murderer, Not Black Candidate
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October 15, 2008, 08:10 PM
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Kathy Shaidle writes
Both the Washington Post and The New Republic (two reliably liberal publications) insist that the idiot who yelled "Kill him!" at a Palin rally was referring to unrepentant domestic terrorist, would-be serial killer and Obama supporter Bill Ayers, NOT to Obama himself.

But Obama`s rabid supporters won`t let the facts get in the way of another good smear.

I`ve got the story up now at

And why would people in crowds be yelling "Kill him" about Bill Ayers? Because Ayers got away with murder, that`s why. And while I`m not advocating that anyone attack him, I would have no problem with the Federal Government trying, convicting and executing him for the various capital crimes he and the Weather Underground committed.