Shout Of "Kill Him" At Rally Directed At White Murderer, Not Black Candidate
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Kathy Shaidle writes

Both the Washington Post and The New Republic (two reliably liberal publications) insist that the idiot who yelled "Kill him!" at a Palin rally was referring to unrepentant domestic terrorist, would-be serial killer and Obama supporter Bill Ayers, NOT to Obama himself.

But Obama's rabid supporters won't let the facts get in the way of another good smear.

I've got the story up now at

And why would people in crowds be yelling "Kill him" about Bill Ayers? Because Ayers got away with murder, that's why. And while I'm not advocating that anyone attack him, I would have no problem with the Federal Government trying, convicting and executing him for the various capital crimes he and the Weather Underground committed.

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