"Shots Fired" In The Culture: Sam Francis Book Available Now
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Shots Fired is the title of a posthumous collection of Sam Francis pieces, edited by Peter Gemma, with a foreword by Pat Buchanan, who says "Some of Sam's best writing has been reproduced in this book.". The book has its own website, and you can order it direct from the publisher.Shots Fired, by Sam Francis We continue to maintain Sam's last four years of syndicated columns on here on VDARE.com, but the book has a lot that's not available on the internet in any form. Here's something of Sam's I've quoted before, although it has recently become much more relevant
"Buchanan crowds don't look like Republican crowds," [David] Brooks sneered. "There are none of those Chamber of Commerce officers in golf shirts and tasselled loafers. Instead, Buchanan draws the beefy, 300-pound guys with tattoos up their arms and sleeveless T-shirts. He draws the guys with shaggy biker beards and the Teamsters who park their rigs in the lot and get hoarse shouting, "Go, Pat, go!" It may be hard to classify exactly which political category these people belong to, but they are certainly not Republicans. ["Buchanan Feeds Class War in the Information Age" David Brooks, LA Times, Oct 31, 1999] Actually, it's not so hard to classify which political category such people belong to. They're called "Democrats," and the contempt for them that our Mr. Brooks exudes helps explain why they never show up in the crowds around other Republican candidates. "Revolt of the 300-Pound Beefy Guys, ", Chronicles, February 2002
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