Sheriff Joe Arpaio Back In Guadalupe, AZ
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Today I attended a protest over Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Guadalupe fired Arpaio last year because he did some immigration raids there. The pro immigration groups like ACORN and La Raza tried to convince Guadalupe to not rehire Arpaio but they lost the battle. The mayor of Guadalupe who fired Arpaio is now an "ex Mayor", and Arpaio will continue to do their law enforcement. How sweet is that?

The Guadalupe city council had to eat crow and rehire Sheriff Joe.

Arpaio wouldn't agree to stop the immigration raids — which is the worst news imaginable for the the illegal alien lobby.

These are early reports:

I was surprised how many young kids were protesting. How pathetic is that? Some group called Puente was supposed to send an army of kids, but they kiddie crowd was far short of that. Apparently the open border commies are starting to realize that they aren't going to win on the Arpaio issue. Sending kids to do their dirty work is a desperation measure. I suspect they recruited the anchor babies from a local Catholic church.

The anti-Arpaio crowd was much smaller than we expected. ACORN promised that they were going to send a huge mob to protest, but they were MIA! Their leaders like Salvador Reza couldn't have been happy with the way things went. This is a very humiliating defeat for them because Guadalupe is their home turf.

TV reports made it seem like they had a crowd and we were about 3 people. Don't believe what you see!!!

It's always cool to be on the winning side for a change. :—)


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