Sheriff Babeu Disapproves of How Obama Has Treated Arizona
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Our governance would certainly be improved if more police officers would run for public office — along with teachers, carpenters, doctors, scientists and soldiers. Around 45 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers, and a greater variety of backgrounds would serve the nation well.

Police in particular have a job experience that informs them about public safety issues as nothing else can. Congress needs more of that sensibility at a time when normal law enforcement is under attack as never before by the anti-sovereignty forces like La Raza.

Anyway, Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County Arizona is running for Congress and he visited with Neil Cavuto on Monday to discuss Obama’s terrible treatment of the border state. The Sheriff also emphasized that an amnesty for illegal aliens is not the way to go; as an officer, he swore to uphold the law, not excuse law breaking.

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