Sexual Assaults in Germany Quadruple: Thanks, Angela Merkel
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The above image dates from September 16 2016. That is because Google Images has managed to avoid archiving anything more graphic since then.

Not because opportunities were not there. The Gatestone Institute’s release today Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Still Sowing Terror and Destruction Women and children sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by Soren Kern March 20 2018 is completely devastating:

The director of the Criminal Police Association, André Schulz, estimates that up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany do not appear in the official statistics.

The report goes on:

 "There is a strict order by the authorities to not report on crimes committed by refugees," a high-ranking police official in Frankfurt told Bild. "Only specific requests from media representatives about such acts are to be answered."

Preliminary statistics show that migrants committed more than a dozen rapes or sexual assaults every day in 2017, a four-fold increase since 2014, the year before Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into Germany more than a million mostly Muslim male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

( emphasis.)'

An ENORMOUS list of incidents in 2018 is appended only one of which was picked up by the MSM:

On February 22, an 18-year-old British student on a class trip to Berlin was raped by two men after she became separated from her group. She was hospitalized for two days. Berlin police kept silent about the rape until the girl returned to Britain and her parents contacted British media outlets, which reported on the case.

Ave Daily Mail! 

I strongly urge anyone interested in the implications of Muslim immigration to sign up for the daily bulletins of the Gatestone Institute. They are a Zionist outfit (who else could raise the money?) but their European rep0rts are impeccably documented.

Why did Merkel do this to her country?

My view was laid out in Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter.

Some think it was just madness.


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