Seth Smith, Seth Rich, Nobody Much Cares When Seths Get Murdered...Because They're White
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Earlier: Seth Smith, RIP—Was He Murdered For "Walking While White"? and Was Seth Rich Murdered by the Russians, the Democratic Elite, or the Democratic Base?

From Berkeleyside:

Berkeley police make arrest in fatal shooting of Cal student
Berkeley police detectives have arrested a local man in connection with the fatal shooting of a Cal student who was walking on Dwight Way in West Berkeley in June.

By Emilie Raguso
Aug. 21, 2020, 3:31 p.m.

To the surprise of nobody, the brilliant white kid Seth Smith turns out to have been murdered by a black guy who happens to have a criminal record going all the way back to 1982. Did this have anything to do with the George Floyd Mourning? Well, the latest Seth didn’t have a Black Body, so who cares?

Don’t think of it as a murder, think of it as a White Privilegectomy.

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